Company Overview

Arozen is a dynamic and innovative cyber security company established in 2021, with a global presence in two strategic locations: Srilanka and Germany. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to safeguard your digital assets and protect your organization from evolving cyber threats.

Leadership Team

Thashrif Gaffoor

Thashrif Gaffoor, a seasoned IT professional with over 15 years of experience, is the Co-Founder of Arozen. His career is marked by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a deep immersion in the tech industry. Thashrif has a proven track record of success in various IT-related ventures, showcasing his ability to innovate and adapt in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. His expertise spans across several domains within the IT sector, underscoring his role as a versatile and forward-thinking tech entrepreneur. At Arozen, Thashrif leverages his extensive knowledge and experience to drive technological advancements and strategic growth.

Thorsten Grond

Thorsten Grond is a dynamic entrepreneur based in Germany and the Co-Founder of Arozen. With a passion for innovation and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he has been instrumental in shaping the success and strategic direction of Arozen. His vision and dedication have been key factors in the company's growth and impact. Thorsten Grond is a recognized figure in the German business landscape, known for his contributions to the entrepreneurial ecosystem through his work at Arozen.

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Our team of certified cybersecurity experts is recognized for industry excellence, ensuring top-tier protection and up-to-date digital security practices for your assets.

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